Bethesda Recovery Offers Help


Day Services

Day Services are offered to  men and women who need support with recovery.  The program begins with assessment and ends with a feeling of security that recovery works.   

Each woman is assessed individually and given the opportunity to partner with either a peer or a substance abuse counselor for coaching and support. 

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Typical Day Services

Day Services will include:

One on one meetings

Group Support meetings

Recovery Check Ins

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Day Services Ravings

 I’ve been emotional the last couple days.... it’s been almost a year since I’ve been out.. and I’m still clean! This is the longest I’ve been clean in fifteen years. I will be 30 the 13th... I get to take my babies to open house tomo! Even though theories been all kinds of craziness lately I’m beyond grateful. Thank you for helping me sooo much. I don’t know where I’d be without you, Mrs. Cathy. God knew I needed you and sent me straight to you!! 

 Im proud to be one of the ladies who traveled thru those door. I feel it was the first step of my recovery. I LOVE YOU Cathy Sweat and that comes from the bottom of my heart. 

 They are Angel's. I celebrated 11 yrs. Thanks for Bethesda and its ministries. 

Cost of Services

Bethesda offers a prorated scale for services according to the financial needs of each client.  Call 912-283-8580 for details.

Do Not Suffer...Recovery Works

Day after day you have suffered with the dreadful effects of what was once the love of you life (drugs or alcohol).  You do not have to suffer forever.  Bethesda Recovery wants to help.  Call us today 

Call 912-283-8580

Sin Disease Concept Concept

Cathy Sweat describes the concept of  missing the mark.  Nobody wakes up and decides to become a person who needs recovery.