Our Staff


Cathy Sweat

Cathy Sweat is a CADCII, CPS-AD, CARES, BCPC, CLC 

She is a pastoral counselor, substance abuse state certified counselor, a certified substance abuse coach, a certified peer specialist with a specialty in substance abuse and a Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist.  


Joyce Screws CACII

Joyce Screws is certified addiction counselor with thirty years of service to the Waycross area community of recovery.


Susan Hohenstein

Susan Hohenstein is Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director and has served in this community for most of her life.  She is a major mover and shaker for Bethesda Recovery

Our Partners


Volunteers Are our Life's Blood


Terry Sweat

Terry Sweat, husband to founder and executive director Cathy Sweat,  volunteers as Director of Operations.  He oversees the care of the buildings, works at Bethesda Gift and Thrift Shop and assists with male mentoring.


Volunteers Love Serving in Recovery

Bethesda Recovery is proud to have so many volunteers.  This picture is just a few of the folks who make Bethesda Recovery a wonderful place to sustain and maintain recovery


Marilyn Conley

Marilyn came to serve with Bethesda Recovery with one aim and that is to help people get better.  She runs a meeting, support group, at New Life Assembly of God in Blackshear as an extention of Bethesda Recovery.  She uses our 12Gates of Recover to lead her group to a life worth living. 

Valued Friends

Rev.'s Turley


Sharleen and Doug Turley have supported the ministry at Bethesda with all types of services.  Currently Sharleen is co-founder of our Bethesda Coaches Association and the North Georgia coordinator for the group and coach trainer.  Doug is a life coach trainer for our coaches association.



Rev. Sharleen Turley, Rev. Marcia Ann Congdon, and Rev. Donna Day are valued friends and treasured gifts to Bethesda Recovery.  They participate with the coaches association as well as the other recovery activities.

Bethesda Coaches


The Bethesda Coaches association has given us new friendships and extended our reach for recovery.  Twenty coaches were certified in 2018.

2019 Life coach training has begun. Get in on the excitement by checking our the BCA website.


Partnering with Community

Unision Behavioral Services

Unison is a great service partner.  They offer the mental health component that is so often needed for those in recovery.

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Henderson Family Practice

Henderson Family Practice offers medical services for those who are in need in our community

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Ware Children's Iniaitive

This collaborative group draws our community together and keeps us informed.

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